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State Representative Tackey Chan is Quincy born and bred, and works hard every day to improve the lives of his Quincy neighbors and all citizens of the Commonwealth.  Elected to his first term in November 2011, Representative Chan serves on three legislative committees: Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy; Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure; and Community Development and Small Business.

Currently, Representative Chan is:
          • Leading initiatives to improve the state sex offender registry.
          • Working with other Quincy legislators to provide $2.9 million in direct aid to fix Quincy's road and bridges.
          • Ensuring passage of the 2013 tax holiday weekend.
Representative Chan is dedicated to addressing the needs of the disabled, aged, small business owners, unemployed, and victims of crime.  He is focused on improving the legislation that protects all citizens, and is constantly working to assist at this time of economic hardship for many.

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